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RECON mainly serves the requirements of the Coatings, Inks & Construction Chemicals industry. We also have presence in the plastics, detergents, foam, cosmetics, fiberglass, oilfields & textile industries and request your support in enhancing our product range to cater to the special needs of the industry segment you specialize in. From our logistics hub in Dubai and offices in Saudi Arabia and India, we cover countries based around the Persian Gulf, the Indian sub-continent & in North & Central Africa.

With a free, open & conducive business environment along with governmental regulations which are favorably skewed towards fostering an entrepreneurial spirit; the UAE is now the region's business hub and Dubai is firmly entrenched as the region's trans-shipment hub.  It was this that goaded us to set up our head-office & logistics hub in Dubai, U.A.E.

For all constituents of our supply chain, this is what Recon has to offer.

For our Clients:

  • Sourcing of raw materials on the basis of your specifications
  • Logistics service such as warehousing, palletizing, picking, marking etc.
  • Just in time deliveries

As a rule, our decentralized warehouses allow us to deliver within a few hours. We provide drop-off directly at your production facilities – including "just in time", if that is what you prefer. This arrangement means there is no need for you to warehouse materials yourself which not only saves on warehousing costs, but improves your cash flow. Our professionals and our 3PL partners ensure quick and reliable handling of any logistical needs our customers might have

Recon Chemicals has trained logistics experts who can handle any delivery, no matter how complicated. We provide the quantities you want, right when you want them, on a flexible basis. We even ship merchandise by the single packaging unit.

Recon Chemicals enjoys a close-meshed, efficient sales and distribution network, through our regional sales offices in UAE, KSA and India.

We have an experienced & capable sales staff on the spot, anywhere you need us.

For our Principals:

  • Sales & distribution of your products through our local staff
  • Reduction in supply chain costs & lower administrative overheads
  • Our local presence fosters interaction with customers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Our local market intelligence enables us to offer attractive & extended payment terms even to customers who buy in smaller lots.
  • We make goods available to clients in the regions, instead of waiting for 5-6 weeks (usual lead time for deliveries from Europe and the Fareast)

Our distribution partners have come to appreciate our reliability and our sales figures & have been with us for over a decade. To new and existing suppliers this means steady growth and an interesting market presence.

If you are a manufacturer of chemical products who wants to feel well-represented to your customers without having to set up your own field sales organization? Then we should start talking to each other.

We will distribute your products to your specifications, whether in the Middle East, Africa or the Indian Subcontinent.

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